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Presentation Design Services

Sales Deck Development

Sales Presentation or commonly known as Sales Deck is one of the most important tools a team can possess. As a presentation design agency, we’ve developed a process for building sales presentations that work.


Just like our other presentation design services, with this process, we can help you build a strategic narrative that gives you control over your storytelling. This is important for teams that work in collaboration, especially large ones.

Sales deck development service

Sales Deck Design

If you’re using a DIY or poor service for your sales deck design, you’re risking your brand’s reputation. Our professional presentation designers know how to make use of the right illustrations, imagery, and iconography to design a sales deck that stands out. Dynamic Rush’s design process is proven & produces the best design for your sales presentation.

Deliverables: PowerPoint slides/ Google Slides, presentation pdf, creative assets used.

Sales Deck Creation

We’re more than “presentation designers”, we build sales presentations using communication & audience psychology, copywriting that influences & design that attracts attention. This powerful combination called visual storytelling creates magic that no one can ignore, including your audience.

Ink Narrates’ process of building a strategic narrative is in-depth & collaborative. We ask the right questions & create slide content based on the insight you provide.

Deliverables: PowerPoint slides/ Google Slides, presentation pdf, creative assets used.

  • This is standard pricing, for customizations like animations & tailor-made illustrations, the pricing will vary

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