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Presentation Design Services

Presentation Guidelines

Brand consistency is important across all touchpoints & your slides are no exception. When it comes to presentation design, the brand guidelines don’t cut it. They’re not precise & as stringent as presentation guidelines.

If you’re looking for a solution that helps you design great and consistent slides every time, building your own presentation guidelines or PowerPoint template system is the right solution for you.

Presentation Template System

Most companies use templates that have nothing more than backgrounds & layouts to use. They’re not as comprehensive and rarely have a drag & drop feature. Our template system is comprehensive and makes presentation design a little easy for your team.*

Deliverables: PowerPoint slide & slide master layouts, custom-made icons & illustrations library, custom-made infographics library, brand-specific imagery.

Presentation Guidelines

This solution is right for companies with in-house designers or those that outsource presentation design to an agency like us. This isn’t a DIY solution, only a trained presentation designer can work with such stringent guidelines.*

Deliverables: 40-page comprehensive presentation design guidelines.


  • This is standard pricing for the services, for customizations like animations & custom illustration production, please drop a message at

Like these solutions?

  • Can your presentation designers follow our brand guidelines?
    Yes, they can! We design for some of the top management consulting firms that have the toughest of brand & design guidelines. Additionally, our slide designers go through a rigorous internal training on how to design within presentation design guidelines. You can rest assured that your presentations are in good hands. Not only do we follow strict guidelines, our presentation designers manage to showcase creativity within them.
  • Is the outsourcing price the same as corporate presentation design price?
    No, Ink Narrates offers significant volume discount for companies that outsource their presentation design to us. So if you need more than 100 slides to be designed per month, drop us an outsourcing inquiry at
  • How many revisions are provided in the presentation design services?
    We provide 1 free revision with every presentation design service. If more revisions are required, we charge 25% of the whole presentation design amount. For example, if we’re working the visual enhancement project & the 10 slides cost is $550, we will provide 1 free revision & will charge $137.5 for additional revisions.
  • How much additionally would it cost to add animations to my PowerPoint presentations?
    Slide animations can range from subtle to quite heavy. If you need the deck to have animations, one of our presentation consultants will meet with you & discuss the animation complexity. Accordingly, will quote you a per slide price.
  • Can I get help in choosing from the Presentation Services?
    Yes, absolutely! We understand that sometimes choosing the right presentation service can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, one of our Presentation Consultants will meet with you & help you navigate our presentation design services. The consultant will guide you on whether or not you should outsource your presentation design, choose a business presentation design service or make animated presentations. Please do not hesitate to request a presentation consultation, drop us a message at
  • What’s the turnaround time with different presentation design services?
    The delivery time depends on the design complexity & revisions. Generally, it takes 10-13 business days for visual enhancement & 17-20 business days for visual enhancement + presentation messaging, for a 10 slides deck.
  • What’s the difference between the $50 presentation template & the presentation template you deliver?
    We know there are many presentation templates available in the market. They’re good with design layouts, color & style. But they’re rarely of any use practically. Plain & simple layouts don’t serve the presentation design purpose as they don’t save any time and don’t contain any usable resources. Moreover, almost every member of your team uses a different template which fails to give consistency to your brand’s presentations. The template we deliver is a Presentation Template System, it’s tailor-made as per your brand colors, brand creative assets, layouts, photoshopped custom imagery & branded infographics. It’s comprehensive, easy to design & saves your team’s time. That’s why it’s priced higher!
  • How should I choose between Presentation Template & Presentation Guidelines?
    Presentation Template Presentation Template is a system for DIY presentation design at your organization. We create custom-made libraries of icons, illustrations, infographics, edited imagery & layouts to make sure your presentation design is seamless every day. Though it may not produce slides as well as a professional presentation design agency, they do create decent, on-brand & consistent-looking slides. Presentation Guidelines Presentation guidelines aren’t for DIY designers. They would benefit you only if your organization has in-house presentation designers. It takes a trained designer to create slides using the presentation guidelines as they are quite strict & detail oriented. This solution also works if you’re outsourcing your presentation design to an agency.
  • Are the presentation guidelines complimentary if we outsource the presentation design to Ink Narrates?
    On outsourcing the presentation design to Ink Narrates for at least a 6-month retainer, the presentation guidelines design are not complimentary but heavily discounted. For outsourcing inquiries, please drop us an email at
  • What asset libraries are delivered in Presentation Template & Presentation Guidelines?
    We develop tailor-made & on-brand asset libraries for icons, illustrations, imagery, infographics, slide master layouts, editable text formats, etc. These presentation solutions are quite comprehensive & a permanent solution for your PowerPoint presentations.
  • When should I choose an animated presentation design service?
    Complex product/service Is your product/service complicated to explain? Does it involve showcasing a working model? If yes, then developing an animated PowerPoint presentation is the right solution for you. High-stake presentation Animated presentations are also used to dazzle the audiences with your presentation design. For example, if you’re presenting at a big event or pitching for a very big deal, using animated presentations can give your brand image an extra edge. Animated presentations are useful in navigating your audience’s emotions, especially when you wish to create curiosity & anticipation in their mind.
  • What’s the difference between animated presentations & animated motion graphics videos?
    Software used Animated Presentations are made using Microsoft PowerPoint while motion graphics/explainer videos are made using sophisticated animation software like Adobe Aftereffects. Usage When you’re speaking at an event/pitch, you’d like to have control of the pace & timing of the presentation which a video can’t do. For videos, you’ll have to stop & play to get hold of the pace. On the other hand, PowerPoint presentations could be timed accordingly and are easy to handle with your speech. The chances of mishaps like background visuals running out of hand are near to zero with animated presentations.
  • How much time does it take to develop an animated presentation?
    It takes 8-10 business days to develop & deliver an animated PowerPoint presentation. The process involves slide content creation, approval of brand’s creative assets, storyboarding & animations.
  • Can you develop animated presentations if I provide content?
    No, we can’t (A bummer isn’t it!) For animated presentations, the slide content development process involves storyboarding which requires a certain creative expertise. We can do this with other presentation design services but not animated presentations. Unless, the request is for e-learning module development where instructional design is expected of Ink Narrates.
  • What if we have more animation development than 10-20 slides, does the price reduce?
    Yes, we do provide volume discount for outsourcing and large size projects. For example, if you have e-learning or big production inquiry, the price reduces significantly. To request a quote, drop us an email at
  • What exactly is a sales deck?
    A sales deck is a presentation that’s tailor-made for a company’s sales pitch/product demo. It could be categorized into strategic narrative, only with slides. It’s presentation messaging is carefully crafted to communicate your company’s unique value proposition & to make your prospects see you as the best solution to their problems. A sales deck is also one of the best tools to paint a before/after picture into the buyers imagination & persuade them to buy from you.
  • Should I choose sales deck design or sales deck creation?
    If you already have your sales deck written & ready that just needs a good design, you can choose the sales deck design service. In sales deck design, we design/redesign your existing sales presentation. If you’d like our presentation consultants to work with you on the sales deck’s strategic narrative, you can choose the sales deck creation service. In sales deck creation we write the sales presentation as well as design it.
  • How long does it take to create my sales deck with Ink Narrates?
    For a sales presentation design, it takes 4-5 business days to deliver. For sales deck creation, we would need to work with you over an engagement of 12-15 business days.
  • What’s your opinion on ditching the sales deck completely?
    No, we don’t think it’s a good idea to ditch the sales deck completely. A sales deck is developed keeping a group of people in mind that is your team. Not everybody has the ability to hold the audience with just the tone of their voice. A sales presentation supports the speaker with visuals, gives them talking cues and something to drive their story. Also, what if few prospects ask you to send sales deck before meeting? We’re aware that everybody in the business world is talking about “Sales Presentations & Death by PowerPoint”. A PowerPoint can only be boring with too much text & too many slides. If you avoid that, you’re fine. Your presentation will actually interest people.
  • What are the benefits of a sales deck?
    On an average 6.8 people are involved in a b2b deal. It’s next to impossible to build a personal relationship with every buyer involved. Some of buyer side elements are passive and depend on the information the insider support champions provide to them. Under such circumstances, you need a sales presentation that does the talking on your behalf. Additionally, you may have come across situations where the prospects ask for your sales deck before even taking a meeting with you. Now imagine that presentation with a strategically crafted narrative that communicates value proposition clearly. Not to mention it supports your story with great visuals when you speak.
  • What’s the monthly slides volume needed to outsource presentation design to Ink Narrates?
    You need a minimum of 100 slides/month to outsource PowerPoint presentation design to us.
  • What's a good idea? Outsourcing presentation design to Ink Narrates or our regular creative agency?
    Your go-to creative agency might be an easy option to outsource. However, it may cost you more. Our smallest presentation outsourcing package costs $2000/month, costing $20/slide (even lower with more volume). We know for a fact that creative agencies charge way more. If cost isn’t your only deciding factor, then let’s address other things as well. Creative agencies don’t have niche expertise in presentations. As per our industry knowledge, they format slides in large quantities across the deck. That too in Adobe software. We work on PowerPoint which makes the files easily editable & usable for you. Also, creative agencies don’t have any dedicated helpdesk, but we do.
  • Should we have our own design guidelines to outsource presentation design to Ink Narrates?
    If you have, it’s great. But if you don’t, we can always create custom guidelines for your brand. Please keep in mind that for outsourcing, we’re referring to presentation design guidelines & not brand guidelines. Presentation design guidelines are very different with a specific directive for presentations.
  • How can I customize my presentation outsourcing package?
    By setting a meeting with us. Our standard presentation outsourcing packages are designed for 100 & 250 slides. If your slide design volume is more than that, one of our consultants will meet with you & help you customize a package that suits your needs.
  • What if we need help with storytelling along with design? Is there an outsourcing option for that?
    Yes, we do offer this service. In this case, we’ll assign a dedicated communications consultant to your customized package. The communications consultant will work with your team to craft stories for your presentations.
  • Is it a good idea to hire an in-house designer or outsource presentation design to Ink Narrates?
    Cost Previously, outsourcing the presentation design to us has been less expensive for the companies as opposed to hiring an in-house designer. Wherein outsourcing your presentation design can cost half & hence is a better option. Expertise Additionally, our designers are well trained to showcase creativity even within stringent brand guidelines. Availability In-house designers can get overburdened sometimes with large design needs at your company. Which may also affect their availability. We have more than one designer available to work on projects so that we can tackle more slides when needed. If you consider the above three parameters, outsourcing presentation design to a company is more viable & efficient option.
  • Can I get help in choosing from the Presentation Services?
    Yes, absolutely! We understand that sometimes choosing the right presentation service can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, one of our Presentation Consultants will meet with you & help you navigate our presentation design services. The consultant will guide you on whether or not you should outsource your presentation design, choose a corporate presentation design service or make animated presentations. Please do not hesitate to request a presentation consultation, drop us a message at
  • How good are the Presentation Designers at Ink Narrates?
    Our team consists of top 1% presentation designers in the world. Only a handful presentation design agencies in the world can make complex animated presentations & Ink Narrates is one of them. When it comes to creativity, look nowhere else!
  • What does a Presentation Design Agency do?
    You may not have known that presentation design companies like us even exist. But we do. We cater to a niche demand that is PowerPoint presentation design. Most people think that we’re just a team of Presentation Designers, that doesn’t define us in the slightest. What we do is more complex than slide design. Presentation Design Presentation Design Agencies craft an array of ideas, stories, words, illustrations & images into a set of slides to tell a story & persuade audience. We call it art + science of visual storytelling. Consulting In addition to design, we also do presentation consulting where we help our clients to create a winning story with presentation messaging services. For example, building strategic narrative for high-stake presentations like pitch deck, sales deck or event presentations. Strategic Solutions If you check out our full array of presentation services, we also solve strategic problems like outsourcing presentation design, setting up design guidelines & PowerPoint template systems.
  • How can your presentation consultants help me?
    Our presentation consultants are experts in every aspect pf PowerPoint presentations, visual storytelling, strategic narrative & business problem solving. Our presentation consultants can, Help you navigate our different presentation design services. Work closely with you to craft presentation messaging for your high-stake PowerPoint presentations. Build visual story structure & design presentations of highest standard. Solve your strategic problems like outsourcing presentation design, setting up design guidelines & PowerPoint template systems.
  • What are the benefits of making a pitch deck? What if I completely ditch the idea?
    A pitch deck is a document which is widely accepted as a form of submission by most venture capital firms. Even if you have your network & know the investors personally, they will ask you for a pitch deck to review your idea. A pitch deck is the first thing VC firms ask before they even meet you. Hence, it’s vital to the process of fundraising. A well designed pitch deck with to the point messaging helps you get through the door. Most importantly, it significantly reduces the risk of being eliminated.
  • Which pitch deck service should I choose? Pitch Deck Design or Pitch Deck Creation?
    Generally, the pitch deck design service is chosen by clients who’ve either had their pitch deck written professionally or wrote a good one themselves along with their team. The only thing left is a professional presentation design. So they just submit the pitch deck slides with us & get them designed in 4-5 days. Pitch deck creation is chosen by clients who want us to develop their pitch deck from scratch. Which means we send them a questionnaire to collect relevant information, write slide content & design the pitch deck after finalization. So you can choose pitch deck creation if you’d like Ink Narrates to work with you end-to-end.
  • How many revisions are provided in the pitch deck design services?
    We provide 1 free revision with every presentation design service. If more revisions are required, we charge 25% of the whole presentation design amount for every revision. The revisions are provided on the pitch deck design & not on the slide content since we refine, approve & finalize the pitch deck slide content before going for the design.
  • How long does it take to create my pitch deck with Ink Narrates?
    For pitch deck design, it takes 4-5 business days to deliver. For pitch deck creation, we would need to work with you over an engagement of 10-13 business days. Also a lot depends on you, sometimes clients take time to provide information to us over the questionnaires or need to get their pitch deck financials right. To be honest, there can be multiple bottlenecks in the pitch deck creation projects. However, the pitch deck design projects can run smoothly and are usually finished within 4-5 days.
  • Can I get my pitch deck reviewed before starting a project with Ink Narrates?
    Yes, absolutely! We do provide 1 free session to help you review the pitch deck. We understand that choosing a service to go with can be difficult. So our pitch deck consultant will meet with you & help you navigate your pitch deck content, missing slides, improvements & give you a feedback. If you’d like to request a free pitch deck review, drop us an email at
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