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Presentation Design Services

Presentation guidelines design

Presentation Guidelines

Brand consistency is important across all touchpoints & your slides are no exception. When it comes to presentation design, the brand guidelines don’t cut it. They’re not precise & as stringent as presentation guidelines.

If you’re looking for a solution that helps you design great and consistent slides every time, building your own presentation guidelines or PowerPoint template system is the right solution for you.

Presentation Template System

Most companies use templates that have nothing more than backgrounds & layouts to use. They’re not as comprehensive and rarely have a drag & drop feature. Our template system is comprehensive and makes presentation design a little easy for your team.

Deliverables: PowerPoint slide & slide master layouts, custom-made icons & illustrations library, custom-made infographics library, brand-specific imagery.

Presentation Guidelines

This solution is right for companies with in-house designers or those that outsource presentation design to an agency like us. This isn’t a DIY solution, only a trained presentation designer can work with such stringent guidelines.

Deliverables: 40-page comprehensive presentation design guidelines.


  • This is standard pricing for the services, for customizations like animations & custom illustration production, please drop a message at

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