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Presentation Design Services

Presentation Design Outsourcing

Presentation design is time-consuming, especially for professionals who are not designers by trade. A survey of over 1,000 employees across multiple industries found that, on average, people spend 20 hours a month on PowerPoint presentations. Does this sound familiar? Is your team spending a ridiculous amount of hours on presentations?


There’s a solution. Outsource your presentation design to us. We design presentations for large corporations & startups alike. Our presentation design outsourcing service is designed for efficiency and faster turn around time.

Presentation design outsourcing service

Benefits of outsourcing presentation design to us


Outsourcing presentation design to us saves your team’s precious time & lets them focus on their actual job. What’s frustrating to you is enjoyable to us. We love designing presentations so delegate this task to us. 


Avail bulk discounts on outsourcing your presentation design. With large volumes, slide design can cost as little as $20/slide. Your team’s wasted hours are costing you so much more. 


Outsourcing gets you professional design output. The quality of design matters & we deliver the best designs in the industry. 


Outsourcing Pricing

To customize your plan email us at

Looking to outsource your PowerPoint presentations?

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