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Our Story

The origin of Ink Narrates

In the world of presentations, where ideas battle for attention, wouldn't it be amazing if a single agency could bring both stunning visuals and captivating stories to the table? Enter Ink Narrates, a dream team born in 2020. Shivam Batra, a freelance presentation designer who'd worked with some of the biggest names, knew the power of visuals. Mrunalini Dhas, a master storyteller who'd crafted winning pitch decks for top-funded startups, understood the magic of words. Together, they envisioned Ink Narrates - an agency that wouldn't just design presentations, it would craft experiences. They built their team, bringing on talented designers and writers, and trained them under their combined expertise.

The result? Ink Narrates skyrocketed, becoming one of the most sought-after presentation design agencies in the world. Their presentations don't just inform, they inspire. They don't just showcase data, they ignite action. Ink Narrates is a testament to the power of collaboration, proving that when visual magic meets storytelling might, the results are truly unforgettable.

Interested in working with us?

Shivam Batra

Co-Founder, Creative Director(Presentation Design)

“Designing a presentation is like weaving a tapestry, each element must be carefully chosen and placed to create a cohesive, visually stunning, and persuasive masterpiece.”

Mrunalini Dhas

Co-Founder, Creative Director(Presentation Storytelling)

“Storytelling is the magic wand that turns facts into emotions and ideas into action.”

Mrunalini Dhas Co-Founder Ink Narrates

Our Mission

We believe that storytelling combined with great visuals can captivate the toughest of crowds. Our mission is to help ambitious brands communicate their value through brilliant presentations.

Ideas we live by


What you have in mind is very important to us. We meet you virtually, ask the right questions & listen to your ideas.


We keep you in the loop & present you with ideas & options that fit your brand like a glove. We love to experiment: with colors palettes, design trends & everything to keep you in vogue.


Your uniqueness is your magic & we love to experiment till it feels right to you & us. You see, we don't just make designs. We craft tailor-made solutions.


If you want to dazzle your customers with a delightful experience, we look forward to impressing you with our results!


As Ink Narrates works globally, we believe in giving back to the international community through charitable donations. Our values align with organizations that are effortlessly working toward children’s education, health & sustainable development.

Therefore, 2% of our proceeds go to UNICEF, World Health Organization & UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We're a fully remote agency!

Working virtually allows us to keep our team & projects agile, deliver faster, work with global talent & draw inspiration from their unique cultural experiences.


Not to mention the special privilege of meeting extraordinary people across the globe...VIRTUALLY!


So, how does this benefit you?

Since we don’t need PHYSICAL OFFICES & COMMUTE to deliver our best work, we save on overheads & pass on this benefit to our clients with AFFORDABLE PRICING.

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