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Where to find the Zuora deck: The greatest sales deck ever

Andy Raskin, a Silicon Valley-based strategic narrative expert, wrote an article that would grab everyone’s attention. The article titled “The greatest sales deck I’ve ever seen”. It was about Zuora, the IPO-bound Silicon Valley company that sells a SaaS platform for subscription billing.

Though we are a presentation design agency, we had no idea about the Zuora deck. Thanks to Andy Raskin, this brilliant sales narrative grabbed our attention. So I did as everyone would do, I looked for a copy of the Zuora deck & stored it.

If you’re reading this, one of the two things is true,

  • You know that the Zuora deck exists & you’re looking for a copy.

  • You’re interested in studying the breakdown of this deck by Andy Raskin.

I’ll show you where you can find the breakdown as well as a downloadable copy of the Zuora sales deck.

1. Where to find the copy

After reading this article on LinkedIn, Zuora themselves made a page on their website. This page is dedicated to providing the Zuora deck copy to anyone who comes looking.

You can find it here: Download the Zuora sale deck here.

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2. Where to read the breakdown

Even though this article was originally published on, you can also find it on Medium.

Here’s a link to Andy Raskin’s article: The greatest sales deck I’ve ever seen.

It’s one of the most insightful articles I’ve read & I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. The narrative structure is explained slide by slide with precise details of the audience’s psychology. Where every pitch deck & sales deck starts with a problem slide, Andy explained why it’s a problem. In his opinion, starting with a problem slide makes the prospects defensive.

Interested in building a sales deck?

We’ve helped many companies craft unique sales decks. It may come as a surprise to you but some companies approached us with a specific inquiry — “We would like to create a sales deck with Zuora as a reference”.

If you’re interested in creating a sales deck like Zuora or a new narrative structure completely, we’d love to work with you.


Are you looking to get your sales deck done by professionals?

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