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Making a SaaS pitch deck? Read this article.

SaaS companies are making waves in the world with their game-changing innovations. However, to scale and grow their businesses, they often require funding. While a pitch deck is an effective way to secure funding, it’s essential to create a pitch deck tailored specifically to the SaaS industry. A generic approach simply won’t cut it.

As a presentation design agency, we create pitch decks every day. Hence, in this article, we’ll share our insights on how SaaS pitch decks differ from other pitch decks and the key strategies and techniques you should employ when creating one.

How is a SAAS pitch deck different?

  • Focus on the Product: SaaS pitch decks typically focus heavily on the product, including its features, functionality, and user interface. This is because SaaS companies are often selling software product that has unique features and benefits that need to be highlighted.

  • Emphasis on Metrics: SaaS pitch decks often include detailed metrics such as customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and churn rate. These metrics are important for investors to understand the potential growth and profitability of the company.

  • Need for Scalability: SaaS companies are often focused on scalability, which means they need to be able to grow quickly and efficiently. SaaS pitch decks will often discuss the company’s plans for scaling its product, including its technology infrastructure, customer acquisition strategy, and team structure.

  • Subscription Model: SaaS companies typically use a subscription model to generate revenue, which means they need to have a strategy for retaining customers over the long term. SaaS pitch decks will often discuss the company’s approach to customer retention, including its customer success team and retention strategies.

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How to create a SaaS pitch deck from scratch?

1. Setting up a narrative structure

The first step is to establish a narrative structure for the pitch deck that’s relevant to the SaaS industry.

Focus on the benefits of your product, including how it solves problems for customers and why it’s unique.

For instance, if you’re pitching a SaaS product that helps with project management, your narrative could focus on how your product streamlines communication, increases productivity and saves businesses time and money.

2. Writing slide content for the SaaS pitch deck

With your narrative structure in place, it’s time to write content for the slides. In a SaaS pitch deck, it’s essential to use metrics-driven language that investors can easily understand.

Highlight key metrics such as user growth, churn rates, and customer acquisition costs. Avoid technical jargon that might confuse investors and use clear, concise language. For instance, you could include graphs and charts to visualize your data, making it easy to understand.

3. Following presentation content writing rules

To create an effective SaaS pitch deck, follow presentation content writing rules. Keep your slides simple and uncluttered, use large fonts, and limit the amount of text on each slide. Use bullet points to break up text and make it more readable.

Additionally, remember to keep the content concise and focused. You don’t want to overwhelm investors with too much information.

4. Creating out-of-the-world visuals for the SaaS pitch deck

Visuals are crucial for any pitch deck, including SaaS pitch decks. Choose visuals that support your narrative structure and help to communicate your key messages. Make sure the visuals are easy to read and understand, even from a distance.

For example, you could include product screenshots, animated graphics, or explainer videos to help investors understand how your product works.

In our opinion, outsourcing the design task is the best idea for your SaaS pitch deck. Learning presentation design in one day is impossible, and taking a DIY approach may not result in a high-quality presentation. Professional designers can bring your vision to life and ensure that your pitch deck is visually stunning and effective.

Work with us

Remember to practice your pitch and deliver it with confidence, as this can be just as important as the content of your pitch deck.

Don’t let the thought of creating a winning SaaS pitch deck overwhelm you or consume too much of your valuable time. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure where to start, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a customized SaaS pitch deck that effectively communicates your message and secures the funding you need to take your business to the next level.


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