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5 reasons to outsource presentation design

Outsourcing is common in today’s business world. When a business function isn’t too vital, forming an entire department isn’t a good idea. When you don’t have internal infrastructure or resources, it brings a strategic advantage.

One such business function is the presentation design. Outsourcing presentation design has become a norm for startups & corporations alike.

With the rise of business storytelling, presentations have become too important to ignore. Looking to pitch to investors? You need a pitch deck. Need a consistent strategic narrative across the organization? You need a sales deck.

That being said, maintaining an entire department for this specialty is so much more expensive.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably confused between options like,

  • Should we set up an in-house department?

  • Can the existing creative department take care of presentations?

  • Should we outsource to a presentation design agency?

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should go with the 3rd option. We’ll list down 5 reasons why outsourcing presentation design is the best choice for any company.

Note: When I say “department” I mean the independent presentation design department as well as the presentation team working under a Creative Department.

Presentation outsourcing service

1. Outsourcing is less costly

If you’re to make an entire in-house department, you need to hire full talent. You need presentation designers, communication consultants, graphic designers, animation experts, illustrators, etc.

The hassle isn’t just about hiring & managing talent. But, the infrastructure & resources like software licenses & design asset sourcing. Not to mention the recruitment costs, training costs & high industry attrition.

But when you outsource your presentation design to an agency like us, all this isn’t your headache. We manage the infrastructure, talent & every resource that’s essential to deliver the best quality.

For example, the average salary of a presentation designer in the USA is $73000. The average salary of a communications consultant is $106141. What do the consolidated charges look like? I’ll let you do the math.

On the other hand, outsourcing to a presentation design agency costs half of it. Or even less than that (depending on demand complexity).

2. Agencies bring better design expertise.

It may surprise you to know that presentation designers are of two kinds, static presentation experts & dynamic presentation experts. Dynamic presentation experts work with animations & special visual storytelling.

In layman’s terms, you wouldn’t hire a static presentation expert for an event presentation. Or you wouldn’t hire a dynamic expert for regular corporate presentations.

This is how it works. Different types of presentations demand different specializations. At a presentation design agency, the project manager appoints the right specialist where needed. Too many times, we’ve worked with executives who had an in-house department. Yet, they chose us because of our better creative output & client experience.

The question is. If an in-house department is a solution, why would the executives work with agencies?

Because the in-house designers are trained to follow design guidelines & deliver consistent-looking slides. They’re not fit to handle complex creative challenges. I mean, who can blame them? With time constraints & tight schedules, they can’t provide tailor-made solutions. Also, they can’t design presentations outside the static scope.

Considering everything, you get better expertise when you outsource your presentation design.

3. Agencies bring storytelling expertise.

Storytelling is an integral part of presentations. Those days are gone when you could fill the slides with chunks of text. Then, you would send them to a designer, make them look pretty & get on with your deals.

Now, the world is attention deficit. Also, people are aware of a concept called “Death by PowerPoint”. It takes them 8 seconds to ignore you & move on.

Today, presentations need a strategic narrative that attracts attention & demands engagement. Unfortunately, too many companies are doing it wrong. They simply delegate this task to the Creative Director, who hires a copywriter to write the slide content & get them designed.

This never works! Why? Because the slide content won’t complement the slide design. The messaging won’t resonate with the audience.

Presentation design agencies solve this problem.

Outsourcing presentation design isn’t only about slide design. It’s also about supporting clients with storytelling skills when needed. At agencies, the communication consultants work in sync with the presentation designers. As a result, the presentation does what it’s supposed to do, persuade the audience in your favor.

4. Outsourcing gets you a good client experience.

A presentation design agency always appoints a dedicated project manager for outsourcing clients. This means you tell your needs to the project manager, sit back & relax. They analyze the project scope, set deadlines & make sure the project hits the right milestones. Even for regular tight deadlines, the presentation agency will assign tasks to multiple designers & deliver within schedule.

Unfortunately, you don’t get this level of experience in-house. Mainly because the presentation designers are overloaded with slides. They can’t focus on one executive or there’s no way of prioritizing projects. Also, why would you hire an entire department & make them suffer burnout? One presentation designer can’t design more than 250 slides/mo & companies expect them to exceed limits.

That’s harsh!

That’s why outsourcing is a better option. Relaxed designers who work while they travel in Bali produce the best designs. Also, the Project Manager’s only job is to make you feel special. So they’ll do it diligently.

5. Outsourcing brings talent diversity

I don’t speak for all agencies but we’re a fully virtual agency. This means our designers are from all parts of the world. UK, USA, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Sweden to name a few.

With such talent diversity, the result is always brilliant. Our Creative Directors are of the opinion that diverse designers draw inspiration from culture & different experiences. This has been the main driving force in our design innovations.

A design agency is more innovative with trends & new creative solutions. We do this every day & enjoy every part of it. If you’re looking to bring fresh perspectives to your design, outsource your presentation design to us.

All in all!

Considering all points, outsourcing is a rational decision for any company. You save costs, get better designs, tell better stories & receive luxury treatment.

Let us know if the article was helpful.


Are you looking to outsource your presentation design?

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