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How to make your seed funding pitch deck [The ultimate guide]

As a specialized presentation design agency, a significant majority—70-80%—of our monthly projects revolve around pitch decks.

Among them, seed funding pitch decks are usual projects. When founders embark on these projects, they commonly ask questions like, 'Which slides should be included in a seed funding pitch deck?' or 'What information do investors typically seek in a pitch deck?'

Additionally, we often hear, 'Can you provide an example of a successful seed funding pitch deck for inspiration?' In response to these frequently asked questions, we've crafted an insightful article that addresses each query. We trust that this resource will prove beneficial to you as well.

What do investors want to see in a seed funding pitch deck?

->Compelling Problem-Solution Narrative

Investors want a clear problem your startup solves and how your solution stands out in the market. Concisely articulate the pain points and your innovative approach.

->Market Potential and Traction

Investors are interested in the market's size and evidence of your startup gaining traction. Provide evidence of early traction, showcasing key achievements, customer testimonials, or user metrics.

->Competent Team and Execution Plan

Investors invest in people as much as ideas. Showcase your team's expertise and passion while outlining a clear execution plan with key milestones, demonstrating your ability to navigate challenges proactively.

What slides should you include in your pitch deck for the seed round?

In our experience, seed funding pitch decks usually consist of 10-15 slides. To ensure a comprehensive response to investor queries without any gaps, it's essential to include specific slides covering key aspects. Here, we've outlined these crucial slides for your guidance.

1. Introduction

Begin with a concise overview of your startup, introducing its mission, core values, and the overarching problem it seeks to address.

2. Problem Statement

Articulate the identified problem in the market, providing a clear and compelling narrative that underscores the significance of your solution.

3. Solution

Present your product or service as the definitive answer to the problem presented, emphasizing its unique features and benefits.

4. Market Opportunity

Delve into the market landscape, highlighting the size, growth potential, and any relevant trends in your target market.

5. Traction

Showcase key milestones, achievements, or user metrics to provide evidence of your startup's early traction and validation.

6. Business Model

Illuminate the mechanics of your revenue generation, elucidating your chosen business model and its scalability.

7. Go-to-Market Strategy

Outline your comprehensive plan for reaching and acquiring customers, including channels, strategies, and potential partnerships.

8. Competitive Landscape

Identify and analyze key competitors, elucidating your competitive advantages and the factors that set your solution apart in the market.

9. Team

Introduce the core members of your team, highlighting their strengths, experiences, and contributions to the startup's success.

10. Financial Projections

Offer a snapshot of your financial outlook, projecting revenue, expenses, and key financial indicators based on market analysis and growth strategies.

11. Ask (Funding Request)

Clearly articulate the funding you are seeking, providing insights into how the funds will be allocated to drive the company's growth and meet key milestones.

12. Conclusion and Call to Action

Summarize the key points of your presentation, reiterating the value proposition, and conclude with a compelling call to action, inviting potential investors to further engage with your startup.

Example of a good seed funding pitch deck

Beatdapp revolutionizes the media tracking landscape by offering brands and artists an unparalleled real-time monitoring system. Personally, this is my favorite example of a seed funding pitch deck because of its precise message & clean storytelling.

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