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6 reasons to hire a presentation design agency

Presentation designing is popular among freelancers & agencies. Every marketing agency, creative agency & graphic design freelancer provides this service. Some companies even have an in-house team dedicated to PowerPoint presentations.

So, for someone who’s looking for a presentation solution, the options are just too many. The worst part is, more options create more confusion about what to do & whom to hire.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking…

  • Should I design it myself?

  • Is our marketing/creative agency the best option?

  • Should I look for a freelancer on Fiverr or UpWork?

  • Should I hire a specialized presentation design agency?

Out of all the options, the 4th option is the best one. Here in this article, we’re listing down reasons for hiring a presentation design agency as opposed to the other options. We’ve also compared them with other options to help you make an informed decision.

1. Design specialty & expertise

Presentation design is significantly different from graphic design. The principles of visual design & audience psychology change with narrative structure & business context. The design software changes too.

Let’s take an analogy,

Can you imagine a general physician performing a root canal on you? Would that be acceptable? No, you’d prefer a specialized endodontist to do that.

Similarly, graphic designers can’t create presentations like a presentation design agency.

In our experience, graphic designers don’t create slides on PowerPoint/Keynote/Google Slides. Instead, they use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign which is their expertise (as it should be). But there’s a problem with slides created on other software. Editing them is a nightmare! So, if you need to make a few last-minute changes or use it as a template, it won’t be useful.

A presentation design agency works on presentation software like PowerPoint. We deliver user-friendly files keeping their usage in mind.

2. Save time

Presentation design is frustrating, especially for executives. A survey of over 1,000 employees across multiple industries found that, on average, people spend 20 hours a month on PowerPoint.

That’s ridiculous! These professionals would rather delegate this task & focus on their actual job.

Imagine if you’re up for a presentation at an event. You already spent 10+ hours brainstorming & putting the ideas together. Now would you like to spend more time refining the slide content & designing the slides? I’m guessing the answer is no!

Presentation design agencies solve this problem. Clients send us rough drafts of ideas, and we refine the content and design slides. As a result, we save close to 20+ hours spent on presentations.

Ink Narrates | The best presentation design agency

3. Industry niche know-how

Presentations are not just about design. They’re also about industry best practices. Your go-to creative agency can’t help you because presentations demand niche know-how.

For example,

  • If you need to build a pitch deck, we’d know the submission formats for top venture capital firms.

  • If you’re speaking at an event, we would know that you should show up with handouts or infographics. So, we’d suggest the best ideas and help you create them.

You get the idea! Again, we’re specialists & hold deep knowledge of our art. You may overlook some things & we take care of them. Hence, hiring a presentation design agency gets you much-needed professional support.

4. Service focus

To date, 8 companies outsource their presentations to us. All of them need their slides turned around in 48 hours. This tells us that availability & service focus is important.

The regular agencies probably have one designer who’s designing your slides. Or even if you have an in-house designer, they have limited capacity (they can only design 250 slides a month). Which makes availability a very big problem.

Presentation design agencies have many presentation designers ready to deliver. On top of that, you have a dedicated project manager who can solve your issues immediately.

Basically, our service focus is presentation design, that’s what we do 24X7. Hence, presentation design agencies can deliver & support efficiently.

5. Better resources & Infrastructure

As a presentation design agency, we maintain the resources & infrastructure needed to deliver.

For example,

Imagine you need a presentation with high-quality branded illustrations. In this case, we have two options.

  • We either choose illustrations from our well-maintained asset libraries.

  • We ask our illustrator to create them from scratch.

Now, a freelancer can’t maintain this library infrastructure or the talent needed to get this task done.

Because of resources & infrastructure, presentation design agencies can tackle complex creative challenges. Capacity matters with strategic solutions like outsourcing too.

6. Saves cost

The capacity doesn’t help us alone, it helps our clients too. Because of high-scale slide production & virtual operations, we save a lot on production costs. As a result, we have fewer overheads.

So, we pass on this cost-benefit to our clients.

For example,

With a minimum volume of 100 slides, outsourcing presentation design to us costs $20 per slide. At 250 slides, it costs $18 per slide.

On the other hand, a freelancer would cost $50-$75 per slide & full-service agencies cost $80-$110 per slide.

It’s a common misconception that presentation design agencies cost more because they are specialists. The opposite is true. We cost less because we are specialists.

7. Storytelling support

Presentation design agencies have in-house communication consultants who help craft presentation messaging. We understand that “what you say” is as important as “what your slides look like”.

For example,

If you’re speaking at an event, our consultants will help you with the good synergy of slide content, speech & visual design. You can hardly find these three specialties with freelancers or creative agencies.

Hence, hiring a presentation design agency is essential for your story. You can even get a free presentation review & consultation before starting a project. Drop us a review inquiry, at

All in all!

Don’t hire a presentation design agency just for the sake of it. If you’re comparing rational parameters for decision-making, it helps you save cost, save time & get better expertise.

I know I used too many examples in this article. Thank you for bearing with me for so long. But, I had to use practical use cases to support the article. Hope this was helpful!


Ink Narrates is a Presentation Design Agency. We craft storytelling PowerPoint presentations & provide services in presentation outsourcing, pitch decks, sales decks, animated presentations, template systems & design guidelines. Basically, we live & breathe presentations!

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