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How to create an MSP sales presentation [7-step process]

Welcome to our website. Among the multitude of requests we receive as a presentation design agency, one of the most common is for MSP sales presentation development. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of MSP sales presentations, exploring their purpose, why they are essential, and uncovering the step-by-step process to craft an impactful one.

As the demand for managed IT services continues to grow, competition among providers can be fierce. This is why it’s important for MSPs to have an effective marketing strategy in place to showcase their unique value proposition and differentiate themselves from competitors. One of the key elements of this strategy is the MSP sales presentation.

A well-crafted MSP sales presentation can be a powerful tool for winning new business, as it provides an opportunity for MSPs to demonstrate their expertise, highlight the benefits of their services, and address any concerns or objections that potential clients may have. By investing time and effort into creating a compelling MSP sales presentation, MSPs can increase their chances of success and grow their customer base.

Note: Sales deck & sales presentations are terms used interchangeably but they mean the same thing. We’ve used both of them in this article so please don’t get confused.

Before we get into the details of how to create an MSP sales presentation, let’s look at what an MSP company is & why they need a sales presentation.

What are MSP companies & why are they important?

An MSP(Managed Service Provider) is a company that provides managed services to its clients. Managed services are a type of IT support that involves outsourcing the management and maintenance of certain technical functions on a proactive basis, rather than reacting to issues as they occur.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses of all sizes rely on technology to help them operate more efficiently, communicate with customers and partners, and stay competitive. However, managing IT systems can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why many companies are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) for help. MSPs offer a range of services that can take the burden of IT management off the shoulders of businesses, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Why does an MSP company need a sales deck?

The main objective of an MSP company creating a sales presentation is to convince potential clients to choose their services. Additionally, the sales presentation is an opportunity for the MSP company to…

  • Showcase the value and benefits of their services to potential clients

  • Differentiate themselves from competitors

  • Build trust and establish credibility

  • Position themselves as experts in their niche

  • Close deals and secure new business

Now that we’ve answered the basic questions, let’s get down to the actual subject of this article.

How to build the MSP sales presentation?

An MSP sales presentation is different from a regular sales presentation because MSPs often face the challenge of differentiating themselves from competitors that may offer similar services. In a crowded market, it can be difficult for MSPs to stand out and convince potential clients that they are the best choice.

This is the reason why the process of building an MSP sales presentation is different & it involves unique activities. Would you like to learn this process? Read this article till the end.

MSP Sales Presentation step-by-step process

1. Create a prospect persona

A prospect persona is a detailed profile of a typical or ideal potential customer for a business. It is a fictional representation of a specific type of person who is likely to be interested in the business’s products or services.

Here’s an example for better understanding,

Name: Sarah

Demographics: Sarah is a 32-year-old small business owner with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has been in business for 5 years and has 5 employees.

Needs: Sarah is looking for ways to streamline her business operations and reduce costs. She is also interested in finding ways to improve her marketing efforts and attract new customers.

Goals: Sarah’s main goal is to grow her business and increase profits. She is also looking for ways to create a better work-life balance for herself and her employees.

As you can see, prospect personas are typically based on market research and real data about the business’s target audience. They can be helpful for businesses to develop sales presentation strategies that are more likely to be effective.

2. Research your competitors to find factors of differentiation

Make a list of companies that offer services similar to yours & Look for areas where your competitors excel, as well as areas where they may be lacking. For example, are their services of a higher quality than yours? Do they have a larger customer base? Are their prices more competitive?

This can help you identify areas where you have an advantage over your competitors. Now you have the differentiation pointers which you can highlight in your MSP sales presentation.

3. Determine the presentation purpose

Answer questions like…What do you want to achieve with your presentation? Do you want to introduce a new service, persuade the audience to take a specific action, or simply inform them about your company? Having a clear purpose will help you focus your content and make it more effective.

When it comes to an MSP sales presentation or any sales deck, the logical structure is “last thing first”. This means when you decide the purpose, you have to also think of the next step you’d like the prospect to take. Maybe you’d like them to take the next meeting. Maybe you’d like them to close the deal with you. It depends on you!

4. Outline the presentation/ Create a narrative structure

Organize the information you have gathered into a logical structure. This could include an introduction, main points, and a conclusion.

Alternatively, you can be more creative & write your sales presentation in a narrative structure. Organize your content into sections or slides, with each section/slide focusing on a specific topic or idea. Use real-life examples and anecdotes to illustrate your points and make them more relatable to the audience.

5. Write the slide content

When writing content for slides in an MSP sales presentation, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of the slides is to support and enhance your message, not to be the main focus of the presentation. Avoid using overly complex or technical language, and aim for brevity. Use bullet points and headings to break up the text and make it easier to read.

Additionally, keep your content short to maintain space for visual design. Writing presentations is much more complex than general content writing. If it were that easy, presentation consulting companies like ours wouldn’t exist.

However, if you follow the thumb rule of constantly thinking about design while writing, you’ll do just fine.

6. Test & Refine

If possible, test your presentation in front of a small group to see how it is received. This will give you an opportunity to make any necessary changes or adjustments before the final presentation design.

7. Design your MSP sales presentation

To visually design an effective MSP sales presentation, there are several factors to consider: First, choose a color scheme that is consistent with your brand guidelines and visually appealing. Use color sparingly and strategically to highlight key points and make the content more engaging. Next, select an appropriate font and font size that is easy to read and visually appealing. Use headings, bullet points, and other formatting elements to break up the text and make the content easier to read and understand. Consider including images, graphics, and other visual aids to illustrate your points and make the content more memorable. When designing each slide, keep the layout simple and uncluttered, and use white space effectively to make the content more readable and visually appealing.

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Work with us

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If the process of creating an MSP sales presentation feels daunting, consider partnering with us. We’re a presentation design agency specializing in building compelling sales presentations for companies like yours and take pride in creating presentations that drive results. Let us handle the heavy lifting and deliver a professional-quality presentation that effectively communicates the value of your products or services and persuades your prospects to take action.


Are you looking to get an MSP sales presentation for yourself or your organization?

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