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6 best pitch deck design agencies (with pricing)

“Pitch decks are essential”, would be the understatement of the decade. Every startup needs a pitch deck for each funding round. Whether it’s a seed round to series A, founders use pitch decks to tell their stories & communicate their vision.

As important as a pitch deck is, finding a good pitch deck designer is equally difficult. With so many options out there, it’s impossible to see which one is the right choice.

If you’re reading this, one of the two things is true,

  • You’re searching for a pitch deck design agency.

  • You see so many options, you need help in finalizing agencies.

How to choose a pitch deck design agency?

I can understand the confusion. There are just too many options out there, all claiming they’re the best in the industry. But while choosing a pitch deck design agency, you have to keep your comfort in mind. As a client, you should look for these things in an agency.

  • Their expertise in presentation design.

  • Whether they are experts with pitch deck writing.

  • Do they provide personal/one-on-one client experience? Because a pitch deck is a high-stakes presentation. You may want to work with an agency that works together with you as opposed to an agency that has high deck turnover every day.

In this article, we’ve shortlisted the 6 best agencies for pitch decks. These 6 agencies are experts in pitch deck writing as well as design. To make things easier for you, I also mentioned their pricing or price range.

Pitch Deck design/creation services

1. SlideBean

SlideBean is probably the most famous slide design agency in the world.

Although SlideBean has multiple tools, they also run a pitch deck design agency. Their copywriters help companies craft their message & design slides. On their website, there’s a payment portal from where you can make the payment & start a pitch deck project.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Design, Pitch Deck Writing

Average Pricing (10 slides)

Pitch Deck Design: $590

Pitch Deck Writing: Starting at $2199

2. Ink Narrates

Ink Narrates is a global presentation design agency with special expertise in pitch decks. If you’re looking for more personal experience as a client, you should work with us.

Out of all the pitch deck design agencies, Ink Narrates has straightforward pricing. Not to mention it’s affordable for startups. The top 1% of presentation designers in the world work for Ink Narrates so the design quality is quite high.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Design, Pitch Deck Writing

Pricing (10 slides)

Pitch Deck Design: $780

Pitch Deck Writing + Pitch Deck Design: $1350

3. Perfect Pitch Deck

Perfect Pitch Deck is a London-based pitch deck agency. From pitch books to writing pitch decks, they do everything for you. It’s actually a one-stop shop for startups as it also involves financial modeling & startup consulting.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Writing

Pricing (10 slides)

Pitch Deck Writing: $5954 (£ 5000)

4. SketchDeck

SketchDeck offers 24/7 access to high-quality, on-brand designs for your pitch deck. And other business and marketing documents. But, the seamless design and quality Sketch Deck offers do come at a cost.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Design, Pitch Deck Writing

Pricing (10 slides)

It’s a premium design service that comes with a premium price tag. Their average hourly rate is $115, with some examples of their product going for $4,000.

5. Deck Works

Deck Works is a Melbourne Based pitch deck design agency. Apart from pitch decks, they also run a founder's pitch academy where they give pitch tips & insights from the team behind Deck Works.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Design, Pitch Deck Writing

Pricing Deck Design + Pitch Deck Writing: On Average $2000

6. Unicorn Pitch

Unicorn Pitch is a Munich-based pitch deck design agency working globally. They provide solutions in both design & slide content.

Expertise: Pitch Deck Design, Pitch Deck Writing

Pricing (10 slides)

Pitch Deck Design: $29 per slide

Pitch Deck Writing: Unknown

All in all!

Hope this article was helpful. If you’re looking to get your pitch deck done with Ink Narrates, feel free to check out our website & drop us an email at

All of our solutions are tailor-made for the client. As opposed to other service providers, we don’t use templates for fast output. We craft every deck carefully with unique content & compelling design.


Are you looking to get your pitch deck done by professionals?

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