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King Abdulaziz International Airport is the leading international airport serving the city of Jeddah and is the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia.


The airport experience team at KAIA continuously works on improving passenger experience & is expected to present strategy decks to their executives. As these are high stake presentations, they needed our help in refining content & crafting unique designs for them to present. 


Ink Narrates has an ongoing engagement with KAIA's airport experience department to craft unique & minimal presentations.

Illustration Portfolio

Tailor-made illustrations that fit into each presentation concept.

Jedco Technology Implementation illustration
Jedco sustainability illustration
Jedco Airport Silhouette Blue gradient
Jedco Airport Silhouette orange gradient
Jedco Airport Silhouette purple gradient


Line Icons
Jedco presentation line icons
Fill Icons
Jedco presentation fill icons


Jedco presentation typography
Jedco presentation typography body

Presentation Style

Rather than sticking to one style or one template, every presentation design is made suitable to the concept. For example, when we designed a sustainability presentation for KAIA's team, our studio made illustrations that fit the theme of sustainability.

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