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Ici & Demain is a French innovative consulting firm that specializes in guiding businesses and organizations through the complex and ever-evolving environmental and social transition landscape. They work with fast-growing SMEs that wish to differentiate themselves in their markets through a sustainability approach that reflects their identity, is at the heart of their business, and supports their development.


When Ici & Demain approached us, they had a clear brand identity and guidelines in place. Still, they recognized that they lacked the in-house expertise to develop high-quality presentations that effectively communicated their message to clients.
Consulting presentations demand a unique set of design skills not all creative and presentation design agencies possess. Ici & Demain had encountered difficulties finding an agency with the specialized design ability required to create consulting presentations.


We assured Ici & Demain that our designers undergo rigorous training in creating consulting presentations before they explore other creative design styles. This ensures that they're well-versed to follow stringent brand & presentation design guidelines. 
Since then, we've been developing all of Ici & Demain's presentations, leveraging our team's expertise in consulting presentations.


When creating presentations for Ici & Demain, we carefully considered their brand colors and how we could utilize them to create a cohesive and impactful design.




We incorporated their ascent colors as the foundation for the overall theming of the presentations & highlight colors to bring focus to important information.

Presentation Style

For Ici & Demain, we chose the Nordic style of presentation design, which we believe goes ideally with the consulting industry's sophistication. 
The Nordic style's minimalistic and functional approach aligns well with the industry's professional and data-driven nature. The simplicity and clarity of this design style effectively communicate complex ideas and information, allowing the audience to focus on the message without distractions.

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