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What should a sales deck include [Essential Slides]

As a dedicated presentation design agency, our work revolves around creating sales decks day in and day out. A common inquiry from our clients at the project's beginning is, 'What should our sales deck include?'

The answer to this question? 'It depends!'

It depends on what stage your sales deck comes into the prospect's hands. Is it before you meet with the prospect, during the meeting, or after the meeting.

Before, during, or after the meeting: What should a sales deck include?

When you're sharing a sales deck before or during a meeting, go beyond just sharing information – make it compelling! At this early stage, prospects might not know much about your company, so weave a narrative around the evolving industry landscape, address pain points, and smoothly introduce your solution. It's all about sparking their interest.

But, after the meeting, shift gears. Dive into detailed information about your company, showcase your services, and highlight what sets you apart. It's your chance to provide a deeper understanding of who you are and what you bring to the table.

What slides should you include in your sales deck?

Here I'm listing down all the slides you can potentially include in your sales deck, you can customize your selection based on when you're sharing the deck. Tailor your presentation by picking and choosing slides that align with your objective.

1. Introduction Slide Ignite curiosity with a snapshot of your company's personality and core values, setting the tone for an engaging presentation.

2. Industry Overview Dive into the heartbeat of your sector, unraveling industry trends and challenges that make your narrative relevant and dynamic.

3. Pain Points Slide Shine a spotlight on the common headaches your audience faces, making your solution the aspirin they never knew they needed.

4. Solution Introduction Unveil your product or service like a superhero, swooping in to save the day and offering a compelling solution to their problems.

5. Process Slide Clearly outline your step-by-step approach, guiding your audience through the systematic process that sets you apart.

6. About the Company Provide a concise overview of your company, offering essential details about its background, mission, and values.

7. Benefit Slide Enumerate the tangible advantages of your offerings, demonstrating the practical value that clients can expect.

8. Key Company Figures Slide Present key metrics and figures that encapsulate your company's performance and growth in a straightforward manner.

9. Services/Product Slide Showcase your core services or products, focusing on their features and functionalities to offer a clear understanding.

10. Addressing the Why Slide Articulate the purpose and significance behind your business, explaining why your audience should choose your solutions.

11. Client/Customer Success Story Slide Share real-life success stories to illustrate how your solutions have positively impacted clients, emphasizing tangible results.

12. Testimonials Slide Feature testimonials from satisfied clients, providing social proof and reinforcing the credibility of your brand.

13. Team Slide Introduce the key members of your team, emphasizing their roles and expertise to instill confidence in your capabilities.

14. Closing Slide Summarize key points and conclude the presentation with a call to action or next steps, leaving a strong and clear final impression.

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