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How to make a Non-Profit Pitch Deck [A complete guide]

Non-profit pitch decks have their own special touch. They're not focused on making money or impressing big investors. Instead, they're all about telling stories that touch people's hearts and inspire them to support a cause. It's a world where the emphasis is on the difference a cause can make, rather than making a profit.

We've had the privilege of witnessing this personally in our work as a presentation design agency, where we've had the opportunity to collaborate on both traditional and non-profit pitch decks. So, in this article, we'll educate you on what's a non-profit pitch deck, its example, how it's different, how to make it & at last what slides should you include in your fundraising deck.

What's a Non-Profit Pitch Deck?

A non-profit pitch deck is a persuasive presentation designed to garner support and funding for a charitable or social cause. It tells a compelling story about the organization's mission, impact, and the need for financial backing.

For instance, a non-profit working on clean water initiatives might use a pitch deck to secure funding for building wells in underserved communities.

Example of a non-profit pitch deck

When it comes to fundraising pitch decks, we, at Ink Narrates, have consistently admired UNICEF's approach. Their decks master the art of storytelling through captivating imagery and a soothing palette of blue colors. To get a glimpse of their exemplary work, you can refer to this pitch deck via the following link.

You can see the presentation here: UNICEF Tap Project

How are they different than regular Pitch Decks?

  • Focus on Impact: Non-profit pitch decks emphasize the positive change and impact an organization can make in the world.

  • Emotional Storytelling: These decks leverage emotional storytelling to connect with potential donors on a deeper level.

  • Transparency: Non-profit pitch decks often include detailed breakdowns of how donations will be used, fostering trust.

How to Make a Non-Profit Pitch Deck?

Crafting an impactful Non-Profit Pitch Deck involves a series of essential steps that blend storytelling and data to captivate potential supporters. Here's how you can create a compelling Non-Profit Pitch Deck:

1. Define Your Mission

Start by presenting your organization's mission clearly and concisely. Clearly outline the social or environmental issue you're tackling, such as eradicating hunger or promoting education.

Example: If your non-profit's mission is to educate underprivileged children, your deck should explicitly convey this goal.

2. Tell a Powerful Story

Weave a compelling narrative throughout your pitch deck. Use storytelling techniques to illustrate the problem at hand, your innovative solution, and the profound impact of supporting your cause.

Example: Share the story of a young student who, thanks to your organization, transcended barriers and achieved academic success.

3. Highlight Achievements

Showcase your organization's past successes and the concrete differences you've made in the community. This could include statistics, testimonials, or case studies.

Example: Demonstrate how your non-profit has improved literacy rates in a specific region, backed by real-life stories of students who have benefited.

4. Showcase Financials

Transparency is vital. Provide donors with a transparent breakdown of how their contributions will be allocated. Include information on administrative costs and the organization's overall financial health.

Example: Create a clear financial section illustrating that a significant portion of donations directly supports educational programs.

5. Engage with Images

Visual content such as photographs, infographics, and videos can be immensely powerful. They evoke emotions, making your message more compelling and memorable.

Example: Include photos of students engaged in learning activities or illustrations demonstrating the impact of your initiatives.

6. Call to Action

Conclude your fundraising pitch deck with a strong call to action. Encourage viewers to take the next step, whether donating, volunteering, or actively participating in your cause.

Example: Invite the audience to make a meaningful impact by providing options for donating or volunteering in your organization.

What slides should you include in your fundraising pitch deck?

In our opinion, here's the list of essential slides you should keep in your nonprofit pitch deck. You can also customize further if you have better insight about the audience & their expectations...

Cover Slide: The first impression. Include your organization's name, logo, and a compelling visual that represents your cause.

Mission and Vision: Clearly state your organization's mission and vision. Help the audience understand the cause you're advocating for.

Problem Statement: Define the problem your organization aims to address. Use data and stories to illustrate the issue.

Solution: Present your solution and explain how it works. Showcase how your organization is uniquely positioned to tackle the problem.

Impact: Highlight your past achievements and the real-world impact you've made. Use case studies, testimonials, and visuals to support your claims.

Market Analysis: Demonstrate the need for your cause. Provide statistics, trends, and evidence that show a demand for your solution.

Strategy: Explain your organization's strategy for achieving its goals. Include information about your programs, initiatives, and the steps you plan to take.

Team: Introduce your team. Showcase their expertise and passion for the cause.

Financials: Provide transparency regarding your financials. Include your budget, revenue sources, and how donations will be utilized.

Call to Action: End with a strong call to action. Clearly state what you want from the audience, whether it's donations, volunteerism, or collaboration.

Contact Information: Make it easy for potential donors or partners to get in touch. Include your contact details and website.

Appendix: Additional information or backup slides that support your presentation. This can include detailed financial data, additional case studies, or extra visuals.

Thank You: Express gratitude to the audience for their time and consideration.

Common FAQs about Non-Profit Pitch Deck

What are the key elements that donors look for?

Donors typically look for clarity on your organization's mission, evidence of impact, transparency in financials, and a compelling story that resonates with their values and interests.

How do I tailor my non-profit pitch deck for different audiences, such as donors, investors, or grant-making organizations?

Are there any common mistakes to avoid?

How do I strike a balance between conveying the urgency of my cause and presenting a compelling case for support in my pitch deck?

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