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Elements of a pitch deck [How to customize]

As a presentation design agency, we make pitch decks day in and day out. While you may stumble upon countless articles preaching about “the only 10 slides you need in your pitch deck” and “pitch deck templates”, let’s get real — those are just impractical guidelines.

In our opinion, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for a pitch deck. The uniqueness of each pitch deck lies in its customizability. From its length and slide selection to the essential elements it encompasses, every pitch deck is tailored to suit a startup's specific needs and objectives.

If you’re looking for an honest answer to “What are the essential elements of a pitch deck” or “Components of a good pitch deck”, I advise you to stay the course & read this full article.

Don’t worry, we won’t give you the list of elements you already have at your fingertips.

How to customize your own pitch deck elements?

To create an exceptional pitch deck, you need to customize your own set of pitch deck elements. We’ll show you how!

In this article, we present a set of definitive questions as guidelines that will empower you to determine the essential topics to cover in your pitch deck.

By asking yourself these key questions, you can confidently put down the elements that are essential to your startup’s pitch deck & what doesn’t serve your purpose.

1. What’s necessary for this funding round?

When it comes to pitch decks, the idea of including a traction slide is often emphasized by many blogs. However, it’s important to consider the context of each funding round.

In the case of early-stage startups seeking seed funding, it’s not uncommon for them to have limited or no traction. In such situations, including a traction slide may not be relevant or meaningful.

The elements of a pitch deck vary significantly depending on the funding round. It’s crucial to recognize these differences and tailor your pitch deck elements accordingly. By aligning with the specific goals, expectations, and stages of your startup, you can create a compelling and effective pitch deck.

2. How familiar is the investor?

A key factor in crafting successful pitch decks is the thoughtful consideration of your target audience. Some pitch decks are meticulously tailored for specific, known, and niche investors, while others are intended to be sent in bulk to VC firms.

In both cases, the approach to determining the pitch deck elements varies.

When presenting to a known investor, avoid excessive focus on market potential. Instead, emphasize other crucial aspects such as your unique value proposition, team expertise, and growth strategy.

On the other hand, when submitting pitch decks in bulk, build a compelling narrative around the market potential, showcasing the size, trends, and opportunities that make your venture attractive for investment.

3. What are the submission formats?

While embracing the art of customization in your pitch deck, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the submission expectations of influential VC firms like Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator.

These firms have their own set of essential slides, and by incorporating them into your pitch deck elements, you increase your chances of capturing their interest and securing their support.

4. What are the decision-making parameters?

Crafting an influential presentation, whether it’s a pitch deck or a sales deck, demands a deep understanding of your audience’s decision-making parameters.

For investors, the critical factors may revolve around profitability, long-term gains, or even purpose. By infusing these fundamental elements into your pitch deck, you create a persuasive story that resonates with their desires and aspirations.

5. What seems relevant & what doesn’t?

Amidst all the guidelines and recommendations for crafting the perfect pitch deck, the power of common sense and intuition should never be overlooked. So, trust your instincts when determining the essential pitch deck elements.

For instance, if you find yourself including an executive summary slide, take a moment to think. While executive summaries may have enjoyed their heyday in the ’90s, their relevance has waned in today’s dynamic world. Embrace the present narrative trends and let your pitch deck be a symphony of captivating storytelling.

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