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Blutor is not just any ordinary influencer marketing platform, it’s a game changer in the world of marketing because it’s first of its kind community-driven platform. The mastermind behind this is goBRANDorse, a leading name in the field of Influencer Management & Marketing. Now, they’re taking things to the next level with the launch of Blutor, a platform that’s set to revolutionize the way influencers grow & engage with brands.


Blutor had a revolutionary vision for their community-based influencer marketing platform, but they faced a roadblock. They didn’t have the expertise or the in-house team to bring their vision to life in the form of a compelling pitch deck. Despite having a game-changing idea, they struggled to craft a story that truly reflected their unique value proposition and to design slides that would captivate their audience. Blutor approached us with a clear challenge — to create a pitch deck from scratch that would do justice to their vision and help them secure the investment they needed to grow.


With our expertise in pitch deck creation and passion for elevating brands to their fullest potential, we were more than happy to take on the challenge of bringing Blutor’s vision to life.

Our solution was a comprehensive approach that included setting up the narrative structure, gathering crucial information through questionnaires, crafting a compelling story, and adding the final touch with an innovative design. We were determined to deliver a pitch deck that would captivate and persuade any investor, and we did just that.


With the Blutor pitch deck design, we wanted to combine stability and creativity, and the perfect way to do that was with a blue and orange gradient! Blue is a color that symbolizes trust, confidence, and stability. Meanwhile orange brings energy and vibrancy, which aligns with Blutor’s mission to help brands connect with their audiences through top influencers in new and innovative ways.

The white provides a crisp contrast to make the content more easily readable. This color combination creates a sense of sophistication, reliability, and creativity in the brand’s image, which is essential for building trust with potential investors and partners. 





We carefully selected line icons that accurately depicted the concepts and features of their community-based influencer marketing platform. The use of line icons not only helped us convey information in a visually appealing manner but also provided a clean, modern look that was consistent with Blutor’s brand style.

Line Icons
Blutor pitch deck icons


In the case of Blutor, we chose the Metropolis font to reinforce the innovative and forward-thinking image that the brand wants to project. Its modern and sophisticated appearance helped to communicate the brand’s vision and mission effectively.

With Metropolis, we were able to create a consistent and attractive visual aesthetic throughout the pitch deck, while still maintaining the necessary professionalism.

Blutor pitch deck typography

Presentation Style

Minimalism and boldness are two contrasting design styles, and finding a balance between the two can be a challenging but rewarding task. For the Blutor pitch deck, we chose a design style that incorporates elements of both minimalism and boldness. 

By using this combination, we were able to emphasize important information and create a polished as well as entertaining look. This design approach was ideal for Blutor to show the company’s innovative and forward-thinking approach, while still maintaining a professional and sophisticated image.

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