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JIP is a boutique consultancy firm based out of Oxford, UK. They help charities and social impact businesses take big leaps to innovate - and have fun while doing it!


As a new firm, JIP approached us to create an impactful & meaningful logo that sketched the idea of social impact, custom-made infographics, iconography & a PowerPoint template.


A brand logo & casual PowerPoint template design that showcased the warm and friendly approach of the firm.


To associate playful emotions with the brand JIP, Pantone yellow, grey & white colors are used strategically.

Where yellow in branding speaks of optimism + clarity + warmth, white focuses on innocence & grey is a good balance in design.




Logo Development

We got the design inspiration from "Ripples" & there are two major reasons behind it

JIP stands for Jump in Puddles.

JIP works with social organizations that are obsessed with "The Ripple Effect" & the magnitude of impact.

JIP logo inspiration and process
JIP Logo - black and white
JIP logo light and dark background
JIP Logo Mockup Board
JIP Mockup Stationery


JIP template icons


Poppins is one of the Geometric sans serif typefaces & is used here to achieve a minimal design look. 

JIP template typography headings
JIP template typography body

Presentation Template

The conceptual idea behind the JIP Template was to create a multipurpose presentation template that will fuse timeless minimalist design with the brightness of accent color used as a highlight color.

The uniqueness of this template is its "Glassmorphism"- giving it the impression of frosted glass.

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