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PowerPoint presentation design vs presentation consulting

Most people don’t know that presentation design agencies like us even exist. After all, it’s so niche that people don’t talk about it as they would about ongoing trendy topics in business.

But you’ll be surprised to know that a whole array of presentation design services exists. For example, pitch deck development, sales deck creation, presentation dynamic animations, business presentation design, presentation outsourcing, building presentation template systems, tailor-made design guidelines, etc. Trust me, there’s so much more to presentations than you know.

But if you’ll ask me about general segregation, it comes down to two major categories,

  1. PowerPoint Presentation Design Services

  2. Presentation Consulting

Let’s understand what’s the difference between the two presentation design services & which one's the right fit for you.

Imagine that you run a company with 21 team size. One odd day, you realized that your employees are spending more than 5 hours a week on presentations. They’re finding templates on the internet, sourcing infographics, and searching for perfect icons & when everything is done, they’re spending more time aligning those PowerPoint presentations.

There’s one more problem… Your employees can’t create random presentation designs because you expect brand consistency.

So now what would you do? You go to a presentation design agency like Ink Narrates aka us.

After understanding your problem, we suggest that you build a presentation template system for your team. This template has comprehensive tailor-made libraries of creative assets, aligned layouts, and infographics. As a result, your team can save time and create on-brand slides every time.

See now this was a design problem & hence categorized into “PowerPoint Presentation Design Services”. We solve many more problems just like this.

Business presentation design services

Now let’s consider another scenario where you’re looking to build an investor pitch deck to attract investments. You know your numbers, and you have great financial projections, product-market fit, and a precise business model. But you have no clue how to create a compelling story using all those right things.

This is where “Presentation Consulting” comes into play, helping clients with more than just the design but also with presentation messaging as a strategic narrative. Basically, presentation consulting is storytelling + design.

Personally, I’m of the opinion that presentation consulting is a superior solution & have strong reasons to believe so. Why? Because if you check out pitch deck solutions in the market, companies that build strategic narratives don’t have design expertise, similarly, design companies can’t craft strategic stories.

Design & Story! Why are both important?

As a strong believer in visual storytelling, I’m convinced that both design & narrative are equally important for a great performing presentation.

You can read more about it here: Visuals + Storytelling = Magical Presentations

Have you ever seen any ad creative? The best & the wittiest copywriting in the world is incomplete without a good design. The same logic applies to PowerPoint presentations as well.

That does not mean filling your slide with an ultra-gaudy design that makes you come across as cheesy & foolish. That can & will go wrong six ways from Sunday. When I say design, I always mean visuals that compliment your story, support your speech & get your message across easily.


Are you looking to get your presentations designed by professionals?

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