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Pre-Seed Pitch Deck [How to tell your story]

Since our journey began in 2015, we've been in the business of crafting pitch decks. As a common scenario during our initial chats with startup clients, one question keeps popping up: "How can we make a pitch deck that really stands out when we're a new business without much to show yet?"

It's a great question, and the answer lies in an art form. When you don't have impressive numbers to show, you need to paint a convincing picture of what's possible. This is actually quite tricky because you have to connect the dots between potential numbers and tell a compelling story. In such cases, storytelling becomes even more critical than in other types of pitch decks.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of creating effective pre-seed pitch decks, let's start with some basics...

What's a Pre-Seed Pitch Deck?

A pre-seed pitch deck is a concise, visually engaging presentation that outlines your startup's vision, value proposition, and growth potential. It serves as a persuasive tool to attract investors, even when you lack significant performance data.

For Example: Imagine you have a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes grocery shopping. Your pre-seed pitch deck should tell the story of how this app addresses a major problem in the market, its potential reach, and why it's poised for success.

Purpose & Usage of a Pre-Seed Pitch Deck

  1. Attracting Early Investors: A pre-seed pitch deck is your first opportunity to pique the interest of investors who believe in your vision, even before you've hit major milestones.

  2. Guiding Business Strategy: Crafting this deck forces you to clarify your business strategy and value proposition, which can be invaluable as your startup evolves.

  3. Team Alignment: It aligns your team's understanding of your startup's vision and goals, fostering a unified approach.

  4. Engaging Stakeholders: Beyond investors, it's a powerful tool to engage advisors, mentors, and potential partners.

Crafting Your Pre-Seed Pitch Deck: What to Keep in Mind

1. The Power of Storytelling

Your pre-seed pitch deck should do more than present facts and figures; it should tell a captivating story. Use real-world examples, relatable problems, and emotional impact to create a narrative that investors can't ignore. For instance, if you're pitching a healthcare startup, share a personal story of someone your solution could have helped.

2. Emphasize Problem-Solution Fit

Clearly articulate the problem your startup addresses and why your solution is a game-changer. For instance, if you're in the food delivery business, explain how your unique approach solves common customer pain points.

3. Paint a Compelling Vision

Investors want to know where your startup is headed. Describe your long-term vision and how your business plans to disrupt or dominate its industry. Imagine you're pitching a space exploration startup; paint a vivid picture of a future where your company plays a pivotal role in interstellar exploration.

4. Showcase Market Potential

Even without substantial traction, a convincing market opportunity can draw investors in. Highlight market size, growth trends, and your potential share. If you're developing a renewable energy technology, provide data on the rising demand for sustainable energy solutions.

5. Highlight Your Dream Team

Your team is often as crucial as your idea. Showcase the skills, experience, and passion of your team members. Investors frequently bet on a team's ability to execute an idea. For instance, if you're building a cutting-edge AI startup, underscore your team's expertise in artificial intelligence and related fields.

6. Prototype or MVP Demonstration

If you have a working prototype or minimum viable product (MVP), leverage it as a tangible proof of concept. Whether you're developing a new mobile app or a hardware device, demonstrating tangible progress, even in the early stages, can be a compelling asset.

7. Early Signs of Traction

If you've gathered any early users, formed partnerships, or received positive feedback, share these milestones. Even small wins indicate progress and can build investor confidence. For example, if you're in the fintech sector, mention any early partnerships with financial institutions.

Work with Us

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If you're ready to craft a pre-seed pitch deck that truly shines, we're here to help. As a presentation design agency, we specialize in turning your startup's potential into a compelling narrative. Reach out to us, and let's bring your vision to life, one slide at a time.


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