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How much does a pitch deck design cost [compare options]

If you’re curious about “How much does a pitch deck design cost?”, you’re not alone. Every startup founder looking to raise capital is obsessed with this question.

As a matter of fact, we get this question so much that we placed it in our FAQs & wrote an article about it. So, in this article, we’ll try to answer your question with our industry knowledge.

If you’re reading this, one of two things is true…

A) You’re looking to get your pitch deck designed with us.

In this case, you can check our pitch deck service page here. We charge $780 flat for pitch deck design & $1350 flat for pitch deck writing (cost for 10 slides).

Visit our pitch deck service page here:

B) You’re curious about various options in the market & their pricing.

If this is the case, keep reading the article.

So, how much does a pitch deck design cost?

Pitch deck service providers provide 3 primary services: pitch deck design, pitch deck writing, and storytelling.

So it depends on what service/services you’re opting for. For example, if you combine pitch deck writing with pitch deck design, it will cost you more. If you simply choose a pitch deck design, it will cost you less.

Many service providers in the market provide pitch deck design services (including us). But we’re also aware of other options in the market & the pricing they’re charging for pitch deck services. In this article, we’ve covered how much freelancers, creative agencies, and incubators charge for this service. Also, an estimate of how much it would cost with buying a ready-to-edit template.

Pitch Deck design/creation service

Note: The cost range/fixed cost is the cost for 10 slides.

1. Pitch deck design cost with Ink Narrates

With us, a pitch deck design will cost you $78 per slide. If you’re looking to develop your pitch deck from scratch, it will cost you $135 per slide. For custom inquiries, please drop us a message at

Fixed Cost: $1350

2. Pitch deck design cost with freelancers

On Fiverr or other freelancing websites, I’m sure you’ll come across people who’re willing to do it for $5. Don’t fall for the $5 miracles as they don’t work.

Pitch deck service needs quality & it comes at a decent cost. Any self-respecting freelancer or pitch deck specialist won’t charge less than $50 per slide. For pitch deck writing, they may charge you somewhere between $120-$150 per slide. All-inclusive, your cost will go between $1500-$5000. Some specialists like Alexander Jarvis charge flat $5500 to build your pitch deck from scratch.

Cost Range: $1500-$5000

3. Pitch deck design cost with generalist creative agency

Generalist creative agencies lack the in-house infrastructure & expertise to deliver high-quality presentations. So when they have a presentation-related project, they onboard a specialist for that particular project.

The average presentation design cost at a creative agency starts at $8000 for 10 slides. So with a special presentation like a pitch deck, it’s naturally going to be above this mark. Some have even charged $50,000 for a pitch deck. A creative agency doesn’t specialize in pitch decks & hence a hefty amount for a pitch deck.

Cost Range: $8000-$50,000

4. Pitch deck design cost with startup accelerators & incubators.

Startup accelerators & incubators don’t have in-house expertise with pitch decks. So naturally, they partner with a specialist or an agency to cater to your needs. Which means it isn’t cheap.

In our knowledge, it can cost you somewhere between $5000-$25000.

Cost Range: $5000-$25000

5. Pitch deck design cost with a template

You can always download a pitch deck template from the internet. A template will cost you between $50 to $100. But you’ll need to hire someone to write the pitch deck & refine the template design. So the overall cost will go between $1500 to $3500.

Cost Range: $1500-$3509

Additional costs involved

If you’re getting a pitch deck designed, you should keep these additional expenses in mind. I’m not aware of additional or hidden charges by other service providers but I can give you an idea of what we charge.

Storytelling: So you’re planning on wooing the investors & would like to craft a great narrative. If this is your requirement, you’ll need to put in a custom inquiry with the agency. This will cost additionally as we’ll appoint a communications consultant to your project.

Revisions: We provide 1 free revision with every presentation design project. After that revisions will be chargeable at 25% of the project cost. So you should keep these expenses in mind.

Animations: Whether you need simple slide transitions or heavy slide animations, it’s charged separately. Not just by us, but by every service provider.

All in all!

When it comes to pitch deck design costs, there are variations in the market. But niche service providers will always charge relatively less. It’s because they do this day in & day out. They have the resources & infrastructure to deliver on your requirements. This means the costs are significantly lower as compared to other options in the market. Also, specialists can produce better output.


If you’re looking to get your pitch deck designed with us, drop us a message at & we’ll be happy to work with you.

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