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Outsourcing presentation design vs hiring in-house

Since we formed Ink Narrates, the most common client dilemma has been “We’re finding it hard to decide whether we should outsource our presentation design to you guys or keep it in-house”.

This feels like Sophie's choice! But let us try to help you like we’ve guided other clients in making an informed decision. In this article, we shall list down some parameters & compare the two options using them. Let’s look at them one at a time.

1. Cost Estimates

There’s a common misconception that presentation design companies cost more than hiring an in-house designer. That’s not true! Agencies can extend volume discounts for a retainer-based arrangement.

Now let’s make some calculations,

In-house designer cost:

The average salary of an in-house presentation designer is $73,000, it’s quite higher in cities like New York, London & Los Angeles. But for our calculations, let’s consider the average i.e.; $73,000.

This means the presentation designer is a $6083 cost to the company per month & designs a maximum of 250 slides per month. For more volume, you’ll need to hire another presentation designer to avoid burnout.

Presentation design agency cost:

A presentation design agency can give volume discounts so the cost of designing 250 slides can be between $3,750 to $5,000 (depending on design complexity), which is lower than an in-house designer. Bigger the volume, the larger the discount.

2. Expertise

Presentation Design Agency is a team that nurtures creativity, inspiration, and innovation. We keep upskilling in visual storytelling, slide design, animations & strategic narrative. Not to mention the infrastructure & creative libraries we maintain to craft dazzling slides.

Presentation designers working at an agency are more trained & the design output is significantly better in comparison to in-house production. Feel free to run a 10-slides test project with us (contact us here!).

Presentation outsourcing services

3. Better design output

The first thing we do in an outsourcing arrangement is set up the presentation design guidelines for the clients. This helps our presentation designers to make on-brand & consistent-looking slides every time.

Even though these design guidelines are quite stringent, our designers find a way to be creative within them. The resulting design is brand appropriate and creative at the same time, exactly how a good design should be.

In-house designers usually have a time constraint & can’t perform artistry with presentations. Hence, presentation outsourcing gives better design output.

4. Availability

Due to high demand and overburdening, in-house designers sometimes can’t cater when the occasional demand rises. Presentation Design Agencies have more than one designer and can tackle more demand without burnout, which means a quick turnaround time too.

5. Storytelling support

When you outsource presentation design to an agency, we’re your on-demand presentation department. So apart from the slide design, the consultants are available to help out with presentation messaging & other presentation demands like sales decks & conference presentations.

For example, you may need more help than just slide design, you may also need help with structuring & writing the presentation messaging. An agency can help you put your presentations together so that you can confidently present at an event or pitch to a prospect.

The in-house presentation designers are usually not trained to tackle projects where the strategic narrative comes into the picture.

6. Brand Control & Confidentiality

“Can your designers design within our brand guidelines?” is a usual skepticism. Agency presentation designers can follow the most strict design guidelines whether they’re provided by you or developed by us.

We design for some of the top management consulting firms that have the toughest of guidelines. So brand control isn’t an issue with in-house or presentation outsourcing both.

Moreover, presentation Design Agencies insist on you issuing the NDA & follow them diligently.

All in all!

Outsourcing presentation design to an agency is absolutely better if we consider all parameters. It’s more professional, efficient & driven by creativity.


Are you looking to outsource your presentation design?

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