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Does your company need a motion graphics video?

Take a good look at your website and social media presence.

Too much text?

We hate to break it to you. You’re killing your audience with boredom. The average human attention span is currently around 8 seconds; even lower according to some sources. Would you believe that’s lower than a GOLDFISH? That's right, lower than a FISH!!!

With boatloads of content being created and circulated, how can your company stand out in the crowd?

As a Visual Storytelling company, the best answer that comes to our mind is a Motion Graphics Video also known as Explainer Video.

Now, you might want to ask what are Motion Graphics.

Motion graphics take a graphic design that would be otherwise static and gives it animation and movement, usually without following a specific narrative.

Want the logo on your website to animate and appear? That’s motion graphics. Ever seen those animated company videos with extra flair and energy? That’s motion graphics. These videos have narration, background music, or kinetic text.

Why does this make sense in brand communications?

The basic idea behind these videos is to simplify complex text into great animated visuals.

You know your company inside out. You know the industry, your ideas, and the complex concepts around it. But your audience finds it difficult to grasp your text, complex data visualization, and long collateral.

· It doesn’t appeal to their imagination

· It lacks brand storytelling

Animated presentation services

Motion Graphics Videos solve this problem. With great concept illustrations and animations, it helps to craft a unique story for your brand.

Does your company need it? Try to answer these questions

1. Do you find it difficult to verbally explain your product/service?

2. Does your company plan on creating attractive social media content?

3. Does attracting the right audience matter to your company?

4. Do you wish you had a video ready for pitching anytime to anyone?

5. Do you need people to stay longer on your website?

6. Have you been looking for cost-effective video advertising solutions?

7. Does “Staying on top of prospects' minds” matter to you?

If the answer to all the above questions is YES, a motion graphics video makes sense for your company.

Why hire a professional agency to build one?

You and your team may have the best ideas for creating a video but a failed execution can cost you time, effort, and money. Not to mention the substandard quality of video you might end up with. Professional agencies like us have a step-by-step and effective approach to delivery.

We draft concepts & write scripts keeping in mind the target audience and video objective, do storyboarding + graphic designing according to your brand guidelines, give jaw-dropping animations & add voice-over and background music.


Are you looking to get your explainer video done by professionals?

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