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Using a company profile presentation for sales deck is bad.

As Presentation Consultants we speak with companies and come across their presentations on a daily basis.

Lets talk about Mr. X.

Mr. X is the Founder of a firm, he came to us for design project.

“We are gonna use this presentation for sales so it needs to have a great design. We are looking forward to you making it look awesome”.

We asked Mr. X to send us the presentation for us to have a look. After receiving the PowerPoint document we informed him that this is not a sales deck this is a company profile presentation. This is not gonna cut it.

Mr. X : “What do you mean. I never knew there’s a difference”

This is common than you think.

A lot of organizations are using company profiles when they go for a sales call. What’s wrong with that? Let’s look at it with harsh objectivity.

Get over yourself!

We understand you love your company and it’s capabilities. Tooting your own horn is tempting but it’s bad for sales. Boring your prospects to death or irritating them with narcissism is a sales sin.

Let’s face it, why would someone make a deal with you because they loved your year of establishment?

Underestimating the prospects

There are “N” number of organizations around the world. There may be “N” number of organizations providing similar services to the same customer group.

The biggest mistake your team can make is talk endlessly about your company in a sales call. There’s high possibility that your prospects are aware of competitors in the same market or the best alternatives to your service.

Where’s the pitch?

A pitch doesn’t exist when your whole idea of a sales call is wrong. Companies around the world are focusing more and more over getting their pitch right. We have seen organizations where all the departments drafted the pitch collectively.

Take your content strategy seriously

A sales presentation is a performance. All great performances have a narrative that compels your prospects to act.

Not taking your sales deck seriously is pure laziness.

It’s time to change.

While you sit relax, your competitors are crafting their impactful presentations and getting their stories right.

If you are one of those people who use company profile presentations for sales calls, you are committing a bigger blunder than you think.


Are you looking to get your sales deck done by professionals?

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