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This is a pitch deck case study for our client TDDO (The Diplomatic Department Of), a social startup from Uganda. They’re working hard to eradicate youth radicalization & provide temporary employment to underprivileged African youth. Also, provide diplomatic representation to African countries that don’t have their own departments. Read about this pitch deck example for social startup fundraising.

Note: In this pitch deck case study, we can only show general TDDO slide content & design as requested by the Founder.


As a social startup, TDDO needed a pitch deck to approach potential donors. Even with a good purpose, they needed help with getting the message across & tell an impactful story. While working with TDDO, the main challenge has been making a case for financials & self-sustenance of the social startup, as well as emotional storytelling.


Ink Narrates worked closely with TDDO’s founder Mr. Kigongo Ali to deliver this project. This pitch deck case study shows how we balanced the deck from every aspect of the challenge. That is, making a case for how TDDO will self-sustain & storytelling to bring focus to the problems.

Our standard process is to roll out a questionnaire & discover as much information as possible. It helps us understand the deck’s target audience, purpose & how we should design it. So, we followed this process with TDDO as well.

This pitch deck case study shows how we worked with them to write & deliver this fundraising deck.


Navy Blue: As navy blue represents trust & stability, we used it to showcase the continuity and sustenance of TDDO.

Yellow: As yellow represents hope, we used it to address emotional storytelling.




TDDO presentation icons


TDDO presentation typography headings
TDDO presentation typography body

Pitch Deck Writing

Usually, we don’t suggest our clients be problem-oriented with their decks (unless they have a submission format). But this time, drawing attention to the crucial problems in the African region was significant. So, individual slides showed issues like youth radicalization, human trafficking & underprivileged people.

To begin with, we helped TDDO put together a social enterprise business model canvas different from commercial BMC. A social startup is still an entity & initial-stage donors want to see a survival & continuity plan.

Pitch Deck Design

We worked with TDDO’s Founder to put together 5 major problems & their gravity. TDDO provided us with some regional images which they requested to use in the deck. Ink Narrates used these images to communicate the gravity of the problems.

We chose a minimal design for TDDO because the subject of the deck is heavy. With heavy subjects, it’s difficult for the audience to consume information. With appropriate white spaces in the slides, the audience’s eyes can have a resting space.

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