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Pork & Bones is an American Bar-B-Que restaurant offering all the classic barbecue meats, hickory-smoked from four to 12 hours.


As Pork & Bones started growing at a fast pace, they needed solid branding which gave an experience of a real bbq restaurant. They specifically needed their branding to look different than their competitors.


Emblem logo & memorable visual identity design with colors that promote distinctiveness. 

Logo Development

Inspiration for this logo comes from the bbq tools and fire. Showcasing both the skill of restaurant & experience of smoky bbq for the customers.

Pork & Bones logo inspiration
Pork & Bones logo process

We researched deep into the color psychology that provokes appetite. Palettes were strategically chosen to maintain the flashy image of Pork & Bones.

Pork & Bones logo on light and dark background

Since Pork & Bones shared their future plans of diversifying their services, we decided to go with an emblem logo. All the elements in a logo emblem are contained within a single shape so that the logo can be used freely with future ideas.

Porck & Bones logo mockup

Visual Identity Design

A thick, flashy, image-intensive menu designed to emphasize the restaurant’s festive side. 

Pork & Bones menu mockup

Catchy design of takeaway & delivery packages maintains the brand consistency & uniqueness of the restaurant.

Pork & Bones’ visual branding gives equal consideration to the emotional elements and abstract constructs that need to be portrayed about the restaurant’s culture and story.

Pork & Bones badge mockup
Pork & Bones Cap mockup
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