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Elevated Esthetics is an elite beauty salon in the United States. 


Elevated Esthetics was bored of the usual logo and print material they showcase & circulate. Moreover, their current branding didn’t communicate about the luxury services they provide. They needed a makeover (pun intended)!


We suggested going with a minimal + abstract style that fashion magazines use to communicate. The strategic typography & design elements do the magic of giving women a glamorous experience when they come across the brochure.

Brand Colors

Elevated Esthetics brand colors

Logo Development

Elevated Esthetics logo b&w
Elevated Esthetics logo
Elevated Esthetics icon logo

Not making things too obvious is one way to attract & hold attention. Keeping this in mind, we decided to get a little creative.

Clever typography with a feminine face + beautiful hair hidden inside the letter "e".

Elevated Esthetics logo colors

The rectangular shapes in the logo serve two purposes : 

  • Drawing attention to the typography like a highlight but in the background. 

  • Providing a balance & stability w.r.t shapes as the logo starts with a curvy "e".

Print Design

A glamorous & eye-catching design to pique curiosity & engage with the brand. Carefully chosen words with the promise of an experience.

Elevated Esthetics Brochure mockup
Elevated Esthetics Brochure Wireframe
Elevated Esthetics Brochure Outside


Elevated Esthetics Brochure Working
Elevated Esthetics Brochure Inside


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